Friday, February 13, 2004

More revelations in cop rape case

One News
February 13, 2004
More revelations in cop rape case

A former top detective who investigated police rape claims is now being accused of having a close relationship with the people he investigated. A Rotorua woman says she was manipulated into group sex with several officers, including Clint Rickards and - on one separate occasion - the CIB boss who later led an inquiry into Rickards' behaviour.A woman who suffered a family tragedy in the mid-1980s which brought her into contact with Rotorua police says she developed a relationship with officer Brad Shipton.She says that led to at least six group sex encounters with then-detective Shipton, now a Tauranga city councillor, and Clint Rickards - now suspended from his job as assistant commissioner in Auckland.

The former Rotorua woman says she agreed to the group sex but now feels the men betrayed a position of trust."I was vulnerable and really upset at the time and they preyed on those emotions and that's what got me into that situation," she said.One News has an affidavit signed by the woman in which she claims one sex session involved Shipton and the former head of Rotorua CIB, John Dewar.Several years later Dewar investigated claims made by Nicholas that she was raped and sexually violated with a police baton by police officers Brad Shipton, Clint Rickards and Bob Schollum.Asked whether John Dewar was a friend of Shipton's, the woman told One News that he said that he was his boss and his friend and that he had just moved to Rotorua.However, former Detective Inspector John Dewar maintains his relationship with the trio at the centre of the Nicholas allegations was strictly professional and he denies any cover up.He told the New Zealand Herald on February 2: "I would challenge anyone to come forward and tell me what relationship I have with those men. We don't socialise or go to each other's homes, we don't call each other up."

Nicholas' allegations against Rickards, Shipton and Schollum are being investigated by the police, the Police Complaints Authority and an independent commission of inquiry.The latest complainant says Clint Rickards would use a police car to drive her to meet Shipton near Tauranga, and the trio would have sex, parked on the roadside.She says that on one occasion Rickards got a call out and wanted to "just leave me there because he wanted to go to the call out". She says she objected and made him take her back to Rotorua.The woman says her last contact with the men was within the last two years.She says at that time Rickards called her to ask if she was happily married.

One News tried to get a response from Dewar and his lawyer about the allegations but they did not return calls. Neither did the lawyers acting for Shipton and Rickards.


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